More high-quality flooring options

From functional to stylish, Neil McBrearty Carpets in Carlisle has got you covered.

Many flooring options are available

Explore a world of versatile flooring solutions beyond traditional carpets at our carpet showroom in Carlisle. Our shop has more options available to suit your unique needs and tastes. Discover our selection of carpet tiles, artificial grass for a maintenance-free, lush green space, high-quality underlay for added comfort and durability, and practical mats for various purposes. Dive in and find the perfect fit for your indoor or outdoor spaces – we've got you covered!
Carpet Tiles in Carlisle

Carpet Tiles

Check out the carpet tiles at Neil McBrearty Carpets in Carlisle for an easy way to transform your space! Play around with colours and patterns to make your own durable style. No fuss, just a fresh look with our simple-to-install, versatile carpet tiles.

Artificial Grass

Looking for a low-maintenance lawn? Give our artificial grass at Neil McBrearty Carpets in Carlisle a try! Get that lush green look without the hassle of mowing or watering. Perfect for busy people who want a great yard, without the extra work.
Artificial Grass in Carlisle
Carpet underlay in Carlisle


Get more out of your floors with quality underlay. Add extra cushion and support, reduce noise, and even extend your flooring's lifespan. It's a simple upgrade that'll make a big difference in your home's comfort.

Mats and Matting

Step up your floor game with our mats and matting selection at Neil McBrearty Carpets in Carlisle. Keep dirt at bay, add a touch of personality, and protect your floors with our practical and stylish selection. It's an easy way to make your space feel like home.
Custom Floor Mats and Matting in Carlisle

Get advice

Need some flooring guidance? Don't worry; we're here to help at Neil McBrearty Carpets in Carlisle. Whether you're stuck choosing between options or just want some expert tips, reach out to us. We're all about making your flooring journey a breeze!
Carpet Quotes in Carlisle

Get a quote

Ready to upgrade your floors? Tell us what you're looking for, and we'll give you a fair, no-obligation estimate. Let's work together to find the perfect flooring without breaking the bank.

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